New Features in Community Patch v1.6

and Wololo Kingdoms DE

Author: Pancrol

Changelog of recent versions.

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Here is a detailed description of the most significant changes introduced in the mod.

I copied the balance changes from the Definitive Edition game files, following the list provided in Age of Empires Wiki. If some change is not listed there, it’s possible that I don’t know about so tell me.

The current patch I have implemented from DE is 56005.

Most of the quality of life features depend on the user patch and are very hard to implement. We may be able to add some from time to time but it will be a slow process.

Auto reseed farms

This functionality is a version of the patch DE features by Katsuie. It adds the autoreseeding farms button in the mill.

When you press the button, the mill will queue a farm. Every time a villager reseeds a farm and uses the queued one, the mill will automatically queue a new one.

Help overlay

We have remodeled the old overlay into a new version with very high performance by reusing part of the original resource interface of the game. This overlay adds the distribution of villagers per resource and the global building queue.

The overlay also allows that, when you hover the mouse over the global queue icons, the patch will send you to the building creating that unit or technology. This does not require clicking, it responds to the cursor being bellow the icon.

For the overlay to display properly, your computer needs to be up to date, so as to have the necessary graphical libraries the patch uses. If you don’t see the overlay properly, it’s probably due to that.

To add the new overlay, we have modified the existing resource interface from the game to accomodate the extra numbers. If you don’t use the overlay and want to see the original resource interface, use this mod.

Known issues with the overlay

The overlay is an aditional program called AOC DE Overlay that runs with the game and may cause performance issues. If you are having troubles with it, you can try the following:

  • Add the patch folder “v1.6 RC” to your antivirus exceptions. Since the overlay is an additional program unknown to your computer, the antivirus may keep checking it, taking resources from the game.
  • Alternatively, you can disable the overlay completly by choosing that option in the patch configuration.

Also, the overlay has been designed for multiplayer games. It is possible to play in single player mode but, in order for the overlay to work properly, you should close and restart the game for every match you want to play.

High consumption overlay

Appart from the default overlay, we still keep the old one that covers the original interface with a new one, ported from Definitive Edition. This other overlay, is highly customizable but at the expense of taking a lot of memory from your computer. If you have a very powerful computer, you can consider using it but, we recomend using the default one.

Learn how to change overlay in the patch configuration.

“Select all” hotkeys

The patch now includes several “select all” hotkeys, such as idle villagers, Town Centers, military buildings, etc.

Depending on wether you have the overlay activated or not, these hotkeys are handled in a different way.

  • Read here for the case WITHOUT overlay.
  • Read here for the case WITH overlay.

Select multiple walls and mass delete

The patch now includes the posibility of selecting multiple walls and mass delete them with “Shift+Del”. Multiple selection of walls can be done in two ways:

  • Double clicking on walls works with foundations but not finished walls.
  • Square selectuin works with all walls. If you select a wall alongside a villager, the game will prioritize the villager and its interface.

This two multiple selection options can be disabled in the patch options in the game room.

Be aware that the mass delete command is just a macro that issues several presses of the Del key. Therefore, if you select a unit while the macro is executing, it will be deleted. If you have troubles with it, holding down the Del key will produce the same result.


This AI, adapted from Promi 2.10, recognises the civilizations Cumans, Bulgarians, Lithuaninans and Tatars. I’ve made some minor modifications to it so that it recognises the new units and techologies. On the tests I’ve made, the AI creates new unique units and seems to be able to do things like Cuman feudal boom. I have very little idea on AI scripting so don’t expect it to improve with future versions.

I don’t recoment using this AI for Burgundians, Sicilians, Poles and Bohemians. The AI may behave weirdly or not work at all.

Adaptative Age of Mandala

Version of Age of Mandala, by GorLeon, but where the circles update with the range upgrades. WololoKingdoms DE is the first mod to have this functionality. If Definitive Edition ever implements it, remember that you saw it here first. Do not use the basic Age of Mandala alongside this version as you will see the static lines and adapting ones.

Empire Wars game mode

This is implemented through separated mod that implements 1v1 Arabia maps where you start directly on Feudal Age with a working economy to bypass the early stages in Dark Age.

This mod was possible thanks to the help of several volunteers that produced the maps and is still open for new uploads. If you want to collaborate to the Empire Wars game mode, read this guide.

Custom DE Maps

All of our custom maps now include a functionality from Definitive Edition that allows the same map to generate different terrains and animals. This way, you will encounter more variability when playing DE maps. Also, we have three random map pools that are updated regularly.

Three generations of the same Arabia script.

Allied Vision Maps

The maps that include the code “AV” (for example “DE+AV_Arabia”) will have Allied Vision activated from the begining of the match. The maps that have an Allied Vision version are the following:

  • Arabia.
  • Cross.
  • Oasis.
  • Gold Rush.
  • Team Acropolis.
  • Nomad.
  • Land Nomad.
  • Black Forest.
  • Black Forest Lord.
  • Forest Prison.

If you would like some other map with the Allied Vision option, just tell me through the mod’s page.

Fixed Position Maps

The maps that include the code “FP” (for example “DE+FP_Arabia”) are programmed so that, when playing team games, you can decide wether to be pocket or flank depending on the color you choose. Bear in mind the following restrictions:

  • Fixed positions maps are programmed for 3v3 games and 4v4 games and any other setting can create weird generations. If you want to play with other number of players or teams, use a map without fixed positions.
  • The teams must be odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7) against even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8). If you don’t choose a color following this, you may end up between enemies.
  • Matches of 3v3 players must be played with the 6 first numbers. That is 1, 3, 5 against 2, 4, 6.

The map assigns positions in the same way DE does: placing numbers in order and clockwise. The lowest and highest numbers will be flanks, the middle ones, pockets.

The maps with fixed positions version are the following:

  • Arabia.
  • Cross.
  • Oasis.
  • Gold Rush.
  • Team Acropolis.
  • Black Forest.

If you would like some other map with the Fixed Position option, tell me through the mod’s page. Creating fixed position maps is not as easy as allied vision ones but I’ll do my best.

There is also the possibility to play Fixed Positions and Allied Vision, just look for both codes in the map name (e.g. “DE+FP+AV_Arabia”).

Fishermen droping food at docks

The only way to make fishermen drop food at docks is if they only recognize the dock as a drop site, cancelling town centers and mills. Since this may not be ideal for every map, I’ve created the following mechanic:

  • At the start of the game, fishermen drop food at mills and town centers.
  • If you build a dock, the fishermen change to recognize only docks as drop sites.
  • Once that happens, in the mill you can find a button to change the behavior of fishermen back and forth.

This way, you can use fishermen technically in any map.

Hotkeys and queue for technologies

This functionality is based on the mods Tech hotkeys and Queuing Researches V. We now have independent hotkeys for technologies on the Town Center, Blacksmith, University and Monastery. Also, Steppe Lancer, Flaming Camel and Go to Krepost have their own hotkey, see their respective menus.

We still have some other technologies sharing hotkeys with others, read the Hotkey configuration for more information.

Currently, the only way to edit the hotkeys is through the game menu.

The functionallity is not implemented in mill, lumber and mining camp due to conflicts with the icons.

The ages don’t have hotkeys, nor can you queue them, because if I do that it won’t show the progress in the top of the screen.

Civilization themes and soundtrack

The patch now recognises the civilization you are about to play with and reproduces the civilization theme before the soundtrack. We have also added the remastered soundtrack from Definitive Edition. Additionally, the tracklist is shuffled with every update.

Huns Atheism

The new implementation of Atheism now correctly reduces the gold generation of enemy relics. However, in order to implement it, I had to modify the Flaming camel for the Huns. This means that if a hun player gets a camel via conversion or scenario, once Atheism is researched, when the camel dies the game will crash. You can read about the implementation here.

Khmer farm bonus

The closest aproximation to this bonus is changing the dropsite of farmers to themselves. Still, it’s not possible to make the farmers drop each unit of food individually as they do in DE since that implies that farmers stop constanly, greatly reducing their gather rate. I’ve left their carry capacity intact so they gather until reaching it and then drop off without moving. I included some modifications to their work rates depending on the upgrades to better approximate the gather rate on DE, you can see the results in this spreadsheet.

Arambai’s damage

Arambais look in the game as having 12 pierce damage and 15 on elite, similar to Definitive Edition. However, if you test it, you will see thay deal 12 (15) damage against buildings but 15 (18) damage against units. I implemented it this way so as to compensate the fact that, in Definitive Edition, their missed shots deal full damage, as opposed to the half damage they deal in Wololo Kingdoms DE. You can read all about in the document Arabai’s damage.

The following only applies for Wololo Kingdoms DE.


The only known issue of this civilization, discovered by NighttFury, is related to the feudal Town Center. Building this Town Center takes longer to build than regular Town Centers (270 seconds against 150). If you reach Castle Age while the feudal Town Center is in process but the villagers have worked on it for more than 150 seconds, it will build automatically. However, since buildings gain HP as they build, the Town Center will not be at full health. So far I haven’t found a way around this.


We now have the relic bonus properly working, thanks to Katsuie. In order to have this bonus you must have the patch activated, with or without overlay. Also bear in mind the following conditions:

  • The bonus activates if you have villagers working on any resource except for wood. This won’t be an issue in a normal game but keep it in mind if you are testing.
  • If you save and restore a game, leave 3 secons pass before garrison/ungarrison relics or idling all your villager through the town bell. The patch needs this time to re-identify players and count again the number of relics each one has.


This one is, by far, the most complicated civilization to implement so far. Their elevation bonus is like nothing that the user patch WololoKingdoms runs on is able to implement so I had to get very creative in order to create a somewhat equivalent bonus. Thanks to NighttFury for the insight on this. The basic idea of the bonus is to boost their cavalry archers so they deal a bit more damage, ideally approximating their full elevation bonus when they are on a hill without breaking them on flat land or against their counters. The summary of the bonus is as follows: Cavalry archers deal more damage to units with low pierce armor (less than 4). The exact implementation fo this bonus is very large to fit in the civilization description so I’ve written a document explaining in detail the changes implemented and their reasoning. See Tatar Bonus.


Flemish Revolution

Converting all villagers into Flemish Millitia has the side effect that, after it, all new villagers will be females.

Coustillier and charging

The Coustillier stats differ a little from the Definitive Edition. Most importantly, the charging hability works completly different. Read our tutorial for all the information.


Bonus armor

The absorption of bonus damage from Definitive Edition has been modified to increases in their armor that does not mean the same numbers from all units but still makes sicilian units more resistant to counters. You can read the full list of modifications in this page.

First Crusade

First Crusade is the technology that creates free Serjeants in the Town Center. When you research it, an icon will appear in the Town Center allowing to create Serjeants at zero cost and zero time. Internally, the game keeps track of how many Town Centers you have so that, when you have created the allowed number of free Serjeants, the button will stop working.

This free Serjeants do not occupy population. I could not bypass the population check so the swarming effect of the tech was lost if the player didn’t have enough population space. Also, since the queuable techs don’t work if the player has more population than houses, First Crusade could be more harmfull than beneficial for the player.


Stone miners generate gold

This bonus requires using the patch. The bonus activates if you have villagers working on any resource except for wood and stone. This won’t be an issue in a normal game but keep it in mind if you are testing.

Obuch’s bonus damage

The Definitive Edition ability to reduce armor is adapted here to a bonus damage against units with high armor. You can see the full explanation of the bonus and some examples here.



The Houfnice you see in the Scenario Editor doesn’t have the “Attack ground” button. To show it, you need to place Bombard Cannons and have them upgrade to Houfnices.

This is irrelevant in a standard game.