Changelog since version 111

Version 111 (24/12/2020):

  • First version installable by owning AoE II DE.

Version 113 (25/12/2020):

  • Added functionality where techs disapear when you click them, something not possible with the queue functionality.

Version 115 (27/12/2020):

  • Fixed a crash related to the auto reseeding farms functionality.
  • Added color changing overlay.
  • Fixed a bug where rams didn’t have the unload icon.

Version 117 (31/12/2020):

  • Hotkeys for technologies on Town Center, University, Blacksmith and Monastery.
  • Added an AI  that can play the new civilizations.
  • Fixed a bug where icons were all messed up when not using “Regional Monks”.
  • Fixed a bug where the trebuchet icon disapeared when clicking it.