How to install Wololo Kingdoms DE

In order to pass the license check of our installer, you must have either:

  • Age of Empires II (2013) formerly known as AoE II HD on Steam, including all DLCs installed.
  • Age of Empires II – Definitive Edition either on Steam or Windows Store installed.

Before you are able to complete the installation, the following must be true:

  • The Compatibility patch for AoE II HD is installed on your machine.
The Wololo Kingdoms DE installer no longer installs a companion patch to the mod, as we have migrated to Patch v1.6. Voobly downloads it automatically so you only have to enable it in the game room.

Download the ZIP-Archive and extract it to a random folder. Make sure, that all files from the archive are present before you run the installer.

Download Wololo Kingdoms DE

Please make sure that at least condition is true:

  • You own the game Age of Empires II (2013) formerly known as AoE II HD on Steam, including all DLCs.
  • You own Age of Empires II – Definitive Edition either on Steam or Windows Store.

If your game is not detected by the installer, then run the game diagnostics on Voobly.

If the installer does not show the status “Ready to Install”, e. g. “No valid license found” or “Game not found” please run the License Check manually by clicking Tools > Run License Check. If you are still getting “No valid license found” please make sure, that you have installed the Age of Empires II HD Compatibility Patch.

The Voobly Settings menu is identical with your game room settings on Voobly Client. The following settings are required in order to play Wololo Kingdoms:

  • Render in 32-Bit color
  • Start in Window-Mode
  • Hide Window title bar and set location 0px, 0px
  • Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

Now choose your desired language, as well as the hotkey layout you wish to use in game. By default we will install the English language template and the original Age of Empires II (1999) hotkeys. We are still looking for people helping us to translate Wololo Kingdoms DE into other languages. If you are interested to contribute, simply post here.

The following local data mods are available at this time:

  • No Snow
  • Grid View
  • Small Trees (HD + DE)
  • Gaia (HD + DE)
  • Terrains (HD + DE)
  • Short Walls
  • Regional Monks

Please keep in mind, that most data mods on Voobly will break Wololo Kingdoms DE. This is the reason, why the most popular Data Mods are shipped with our installer.

The following local Age of Mandala mods are available at this time:

  • Castle Range
  • Tower Range
  • Town Center Range

This mod will adapt the Castle / Tower / Town Center range, once you have researched the corresponding technologies in blacksmith or the castle.

Now click Install or Tools > Install Wololo Kingdoms DE to complete the installation. Please be patient, as this process can take up to two minutes. Once it says “Installation complete” you can close the installer.

Under certain circumstances you may get the message “Not responding” during installation, simply ignore this and wait for the installation to complete.