How to play Community Patch v1.6

1. Lobby settings

Select both, the v1.6 RC user patch, as well as the v1.6 Game Data mod in your game settings.

2. Display settings

Please make sure, you enable the following settings:

Wololo Kingdoms DE version 1.1.6 and higher will allow you to enable those settings using our installer. Community Patch v1.6 doesn’t so we recommend to enable all options in the Voobly Settings menu.

3. Language

For v1.6 Game Data, you can set the language in the patch options.

For Wololo Kingdoms DE, set your desired language during installation.

4. Hotkeys

When Community Patch is installed, its hotkeys are deactivated so as not to introduce conflicts with your setting. This means that the mod will use the default hotkey file “player1.hki” located in the root AoE2 folder.

Since Community Patch v1.6 comes with a lot of new hotkey entries for technologies, you may not be able to access them with your default hotkeys file. To be able to use the new hotkeys, navigate to the mod’s folder and rename “player1_tech_HK.hki” to “player1.hki”.

Start the game in Single Player mode, go to the options and configure your own hotkeys.

When you are done, the hotkeys will be saved in player1.hki. Take this file and overwrite the default one in the root AoE2 folder. This hotkey file will also work on other mods, regardless of the new hotkeys.

Additional hotkeys for technologies

Community Patch v1.6 technologies still share hotkeys in some of situations. The buildings affected are Barracks, Stable, Archery Range, Siege Workshop, Castle and Market. They share hotkeys with Monastery ones, following the grid like distribution of the default configuration in Definitive Edition. If you wish to change a hotkey for some of these buildings, set the corresponding Monastery hotkey. The following table lists all the technologies that share hotkey, alongside their default key:












5. Enable Help Overlay.

By default, patch v1.6 comes with the overlay deactivated. You can activate it in the patch options. The overlay comes with two versions:

  • The default overlay that reuses the existing resource bar and adds the villager distribution and idles counter.
  • A High Consumtion Overlay that hides the original resource bar and that you can customize. However, this overlay consumes a lot of memory and it’s only recomended for powerful computers. If your computer has a large enough RAM, you can use the High Consumtion Overlay.

To add the new overlay, we have modified the existing resource interface from the game to accomodate the extra numbers. If you don’t use the overlay and want to see the original resource interface, use this mod.

Bear in mind that, for the overlay to display properly, your computer needs to be up to date, so as to have the necessary graphical libraries the patch uses.

6. “Select All” Hotkeys

The patch now includes several “select all” hotkeys, such as idle villagers, Town Centers, military buildings, etc.

Depending on wether you have the overlay activated or not, these hotkeys are handled in a different way.

  • Read here for the case WITHOUT overlay.
  • Read here for the case WITH overlay.