I reiterate again: I’m not an expert in AGE and only know about what I’ve discovered. If at some point I skip some button or field, it’s most likely because I don’t know what it does or have never needed to investigate it. You know where to contact me to add stuff.

How to open AGE

When you open Advanced Genie Editor, you will see an open window with several fields to fill. Here are the ones that are actually relevant:

  • Genie version. Which version of the game you are working on. WololoKingdoms DE uses The Conquerors but you may also use Age of Empires II: HD or Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition if you are modding for that game.
  • Compressed data set (*.dat). Path to the file “empires2_x1_p1.dat” in your mod folder.
  • Language file locations. These are .dll language files that only help navigating the code. The one I use, that you can download here, has all the new units and techs, thanks to a program by katsuie.
  • Path for DRS files. Path to the data folder in the root AoE 2 folder. In my case “\Age2HD\data