Artificial Intelligence Scripting

I have basically no idea on AI scripting but there are some things that may be of use for people trying to port other AIs for mods.

Eagle Scouts

One of the changes in Definitive Edition and in Wololo Kingdoms DE, is that eagle scouts have their line of sight reduced to 5. This is something that needs to be modified for meso american civilizations.


AIs include a file full of identifiers of the units, technologies and buildings available  in random maps. In Promi’s AIs, this is the const.per file. Artificial intelligences that work on the original Wololo Kingdoms or Definitive Edition, like Promi, work pretty well with Wololo Kingdoms DE except for when it comes to the new civilizations. There are two reasons for that:

  • New civilizations are stored in different order in Definitive Edition and Wololo Kingdoms DE. We need to reorder them.
  • New units and technologies added in Definitive Edition don’t have the same identifiers in AGE. In order for the AI to work properly with theese civilizations, we need to add new constants to the code.

Moreover, Promi versions usually are able to detect whether they are playing on Definitive Edition or older versions of the game, there are some “if” branches in the code, as some units also differ between Wololo Kingdoms and Definitive Edition. As the base co