Armor classes

Armor classes are the base to control damage in the game, both the basic melee and range and all the bonus damage combinations. Most of the classes include a description in the Advanced Genie Editor but we’ve created a lot more so I thought it best to list all the existing ones for reference purposes.

  1.  Unused. The Wonder has this armor for some discarded bonus.
  2.  Infantry units.
  3. Turtle Ships. Turtle Ships and Thirisadais have the armor. Fire ships have the attack.
  4. Base pierce damage.
  5. Base melee damage.
  6. Elephants.
  7. Extra cavalry class to combine the Bohemian bonus damage and Sicilian and Bengali bonus resistance.
  8. Extra elephant class for damage against Bengali elephants. Read here.
  9. Cavalry.
  10. Unused.
  11. Unused.
  12. All Buildings, including stone walls.
  13. Unused.
  14. Stone Wals and gates, excluding palisades.
  15. Animals have the armor, villagers the attack. For implementing the Magyar bonus.
  16. Archers.
  17. Ships.
  18. Rams, Trebuchets and Siege towers.
  19. Trees. Lumberjacks and Ballista elephants have the attack but no unit has the armor. Probably used to be able to damage trees.
  20. Unique units.
  21. Siege weapons.
  22. Standard Buildings, excluding stone walls.
  23. Walls and gates, including palisades.