Blast damage

As far as I’ve gathered, the original blast damage was hardcoded into the game and there is no way of modifying the damage it does. By original blast damage I mean the one done by units up to the Conquerors expansion: the Cataphract, the War Elephant and the Siege Weapons. For these units, we can change the radius of effect but not how much damage is dealt.

Later on, in subsequent expansions, the field “Blast attack level” can be used to control how much damage units deal around them. This is used in Battle Elephants, Slavic Druzhina, Polish Lechitic Legacy and the Urumi Swordsman.

This field gives different amounts of damage and units affected depending on the binary representation of the number, each bit controls a certain property. The following lists all the existing bits in the Community Patch and, as far as I know, there are additional bits in Definitive Edition.

The first two bits control which units are affected by the attack. The four values are:

  • 00: Units, buildings, trees and other resources receive damage. This destroys stone and gold mines.
  • 01: Units, buildings and trees receive damage but not other resources.
  • 10: Units and buildings receive damage. This is the usual configuration for non-siege units.
  • 11: Only units receive damage.