The Effects Tab

This is where you edit the effects technologies produce. An effect is made of several commands that modify some aspects of the units or technologies. The most relevant field in this tab is the Command Type, where you select what command to add to the effect. Let’s go over them:

  • Atribute modifier (Set). This allows to modify atributes of individual units or clases of them, like the hit points, the speed, the cost, the training time, etc. Through this effect you set a new value for the atribute.
  • Resource modifier (Set/+/-). This allows to modify resources of the game such as wood and food or the rate at which relics genrate gold. Depending on the mode you choose, you can either set a new value or modify the existing one by adding something.
  • Enable/Disable unit. Mainly used to disable generic units for specific civilizations. Also very important for the queuing techs functionality.
  • Upgrade unit. For things like turning archers into crossbows.
  • Atribute modifier (+/-). To modify the existing value by adding something. Used for blacksmith techs, for example.
  • Atribute modifier (Multiply). To modify the existing value by multiplying by something. Used for civ bonuses mainly.
  • Resource modifier (Multiply). Similar as before but