Map creation guide for Empire Wars

Empire Wars is a new game mode introduced in Age of Empires II Definitive Edition where the players start already in Feudal Age with an already established economy. The main idea is to bypass the early build-up phase of the game.

Replicating this mode in the old AoC we use in Voobly is virtually impossible. Definitive Edition introduced several new commands on the map generation scripts that allow placing villagers near resources and have them working at the start of the game. All this allows random map generation so that every match is different.

There is however one thing we can do to mimic Empire Wars on Voobly: custom scenarios. Through the scenario editor it’s possible to create a base, populate it with villagers and set them to work right away so that the game feels like an Empire Wars game. You can see an example for that in the scenario “2021-08-25_pancrol” currently included in v1.6 Game Data. Unfortunately, through custom scenarios we can not have random map generation as the scenarios are created manually, one at a time.

And this is where I want to ask for the help of the Voobly community. It is very simple to have a folder full of Empire Wars scenarios and have a script that sel