Graphical mods

As we’ve seen before, graphics in Age of Empires prior to Definitive Edition come in .slp files, either by themselves in the “drs” folder of the mod or compressed into a .drs file. To visualize them, we use Turtle Pack, but that program offers very little features in terms of edditing and, for the most part we use SLX Studio. You can find links to both programs in the introduction.

Elements of a graphic

Turtle Pack

If you open an .slp file with turtle pack, you’ll see all its frames and for each frame, a couple of elements:

  • The Anchor, that control where the graphic is displayed, to ensure that a unit’s graphic coincides with its phisical position in the game.
  • The Selection mask, the overlay that appears when a unit goes behind a building.
  • You can change the player color of the unit.

In TurtlePack you can move the anchor of the graphics, reorder frames, extract frames as bmp files, load bmp files as new frames and delete frames.