The Graphics Tab

This is where you edit the graphics, animations and assing sounds to them. As with the units tab, most of the fields have explanations on what they are for so you shouldn’t have much troubles. In case of doubt, check an already working unit.

Worth mentioning is the mirror mode field. If you check any unit graphic from Wololo Kingdoms DE with TurtlePack, you will see that they only face left. Right versions of the graphics are obtained by reflecting the ones from the left. Definitive Edition has different graphics for each angle but the original version uses mirror mode to save space.

Another detail is the two sound fields, one in the top of the tab and the other in the “Angle Sounds” sections. The first one plays the sound regardless of the angle the unit is facing, it is mainly used for the burning sound when a building is on fire. The second ones allow to assing different sounds to each angle the unit is facing. In practice, all angles have the same sound but the option is there.

Finally, the Layer field determines how the game handles that graphic. Things like level 20 or 11 are graphics you can attack and damage the unit they belong to, even if the graphic is outside the “collision box” of the unit. Also, depending on the level, the game may activate the silouete around units when the go over it to represent they are behind the o