Khmer farming bonus

After seing how to have fishermen droping food at Docks, one can easily predict what we should change in order to have Khmer farmers not use drop site. Indeed, if for the farmers, units 214 and 259 we select civilization Khmer, we can see that, as dropsites they have the Town Center and themselves. Contrary to what happened for the Dock, having the Town Center doesn’t disturb the villagers from droping food on themselves. Setting the drop site requires deactivating all checkboxes in the top part of the units tab, so that the change only affects Khmer.

However, this is not the end of the story. If we want to replicate the balance of Definitive Edition as faithfully as possible, we need to check the gather rate.

To do so, I first run experiments on Definitive Edition obtaining the gather rate for various farming upgrades. With that I created several new technologies to adapt the work rate of Khmer farmers in Wololo Kingdoms DE. See the results of the experiments in this spreadsheet.

The modifications on the work rate of Khmer farmers is implemented techs 62 and 214 and through the “Khmer Tech tree” effect, number 646.

Tech tree effects are mainly used to disable technologies for the civilization and create the tech tree. Since it is executed at the start of the match, we ca