Adaptative Age of Mandala

Wololo Kingdoms DE is the first mod to have an adaptative version of Age of Mandala. As of April 2021, Definitive Edition seems to be working on a version of it. It seems a different implementation of what I’m explaining here, judging from the screenshots I’ve seen, and it’s currently only in the beta branch.

We are going to look at the basic version of Age of Mandala and explain why it’s not possible to make it adaptative. Then we’ll see how Wololo Kingdoms DE handles the adaptative part.

Basic Age of Mandala

The first implementation of Age of Mandala, available in the mod center and that works on every version of the game, works by modifying the shadow of buildings. Usually the graphics of buildings is separated into two parts, the building and its shadow. Age of Mandala replaces the shadow file for one with the circle.

If one looks at the code of the game, it seems clear why it’s not that simple to make the mandala grow with the range upgrades. There is nothing in the effects of the range upgrades that modifies the graphics of the buildings. Regardless of upgrades, the graphics of the buildings are the same.

Adaptative Age of Mandala

If we want to have an adaptative version of the mandala, we need to