Adding a new graphic

Let’s look first at a situation where we want to add a new graphic to the game but not a unit or a building that would require dealing with the data graphics. I’m going to follow the process I had to do to add the button in the mill that changes the behaviour of fishermen between using the dock or the town center and mill.

1. Obtaining the graphics as bmp files.

First we need to create the graphics to add. In this case, we want a button that is either the dock icon or the icon with a cross in front. To obtain the dock icon, we have to go to file 50706.slp, that stores the building icons, we scroll down until finding the dock icon and extract it.

When you extract a file, Turtle Pack will ask you to choose a background color. The best practice should be to choose pink, number 252, although in this particular case there is no background to show.