Porting graphics from Definitive Edition

We now look at the case where  we want to port the graphic of a unit from Definitive Edition.This guide is partly based on this video by Harkamui but some of the steps are different.

We’ll use the Coustillier as an example. This guide will cover the angle count, the reduction on the number of frames, the recoloring and reduction of the shadow and the generation of data graphics.

The same process is used for buildings, although without having to worry about angles.

1. Locating graphic files from Definitive Edition.

Graphics in Definitive Edition follow a similar path as in AoE II HD. That is “AoE2DE\resources\_common\drs\graphics”. In there you will see a bunch of .smx files. This folder is easier to navigate since the names are self-descriptive.

The one we are going to use as an example is “u_cav_coustillier_walkA_x1.smx”, which corresponds to the coustillier walking.

Open SLX Studio and drop the .smx file in it. SLX Studio will load all the individual frames and display them.