Random map scripting

There is not too much in the field of random map scripting that I can add. The best thing I can do is share the most complete guide I know of

Definitive Random Map Scripting Guide

It’s a very complete and up to date guide, that even informs which version of the game supports each command, so that people programing for older versions of the game are aware of it.

I have tried to do some research on the field of porting scripts from Definitive Edition to Wololo Kingdoms DE. However I’ve been unable to create a tool able to completly translate the code; there are too many variables I may have not encountered and different scripters have different ways of writting the variables that confuse any automatic translator.

What I can contribute with is with a couple of features added in Definitive Edition for which I have created scripts to add code to existing maps. The first one is the circle_radius, a feature to place players at the same distance from the center of the map, and Fixed Positions, a feature that places players of the same team in order so that players are able to decide whether to be flank or pocket.

This two features are based on using the “direct_placement” option, that puts objects in spec