Handicap mode

The Handicap mode is a new feature introduced in Definitive Edition designed to balance teams where players have very different levels. It boosts some players in several ways:

  • Faster gather rate for villagers.
  • Higher carry capacity.
  • More starting resources.
  • Higher Villager HP.
  • Faster build speed.
  • More HP on all buildings.
  • More bonus damage for counter units.
  • Faster work rate for military buildings.

The handicaps levels are set via a percentage, 100% being no boost at all and 200% the maximum value.

Basic implementation of the handicap

An implementation of the handicap mode is very straightforward to come up with. We just need several technologies, each with an effect that boosts the aforemontioned stats by the desired percentage. This technologies have positive research time so that they don’t activate on their own and no button to research it with, so that they are hidden fro