The Techs Tab

This is where you edit the technologies in the game. There are two types of technologies that you can create:

  • Technologies with zero research time. You research these technologies automatically when you meet their “Required techs” conditions, without considering the cost. For example, technology 25, “STBL (make avail)” allows you to create stables. It requires two technologies: “Feudal Age” and “Shadow Node Barracks + Khmer”, a technology that is researched when you build a Barracks or are Khmer (since they don’t need pre-requisite buildings).
  • Technologies with positive research time. You research these technologies by clicking the icon and paying its cost. They are only available once their “Required Techs” are met. For example, technology 200, “Bodkin Arrow”, can only be researched if you are in Castle Age and have already researched Fletching.

Civilization bonuses that give technologies for free (Korean towers, Turks light cavalry…) are created by setting the research time of technologies (and their cost but it turns out that’s irrelevant) to zero.