The Units Tab

This is where you edit everything related to the ingame units. By units we refer to actual soldiers, buildings, animals, proyectiles, trees, decorative elements and even invisible units that are used to trigger effects.

This tab is the more complex one but, luckily, it’s the best documented one. The fields that have an asterisk (*) sign next to them will display some information about what the field is for. This is how we discovered about the charging ability, for example.

The icons for the units are stored in “50706.slp” for buildings (type 80) and “50730.slp” for actual units (type 70). This second file also includes tech icons due to the queuing techs functionality.

One thing worth mentioning before getting into modifying stuff in this tab is the set of checkboxes in the top of the tab, one per civilization, and the dropdown menu on the left, that selects the civilization to modify.