Wake up, Microsoft!

Back in 1996 Microsoft acquired a web site called “The Zone Village“, which later was renamed to the MSN Gaming Zone. More than 20 years ago, back in 1999 I joined this wonderful community and even decided to become a (voluntary) System Operator who was providing technical support to the community. While many of the volunteers were focused on Card / Board games, the younger generation, including myself, were playing the CD-ROM games on our beloved Zone, e. g. Age of Empires II.

In 2002 something terrible happened from our (the community) point of view. Microsoft has released a game called “Age of Mythology”, which was the first game that was not integrated with Zone and was using something Microsoft called an “in-game match making system”. This multiplayer platform was rejected by most of the Zone community. In 2004, there were already rumors that Microsoft plans to retire the Zone client. In 2005